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3rd EAI International Conference on Interoperability in IoT

November 7, 2017 | Valencia, Spain

INTER-IoT 2017 Program (7th of November, 2017)

8:30 - 09:00: Registration, Welcome

09:00-10:00: Keynote speaker

  • Sergio Guillen: ACTIVAGE: Interoperability in IoT platforms for Active & Healthy Ageing

10:30 – 11:00: Cofee Break

11:00-12:30: Session 1: IoT-based e-Health and emergency

  • Sandeep Pirbhula, Ali Hassan Sodhro, Aicha Sekhari,Yacine Ouzrout, Wanqing Wu: Battery Friendly Internet of Medical Media Things Networks
  • Regel Gonzalez-Usach, Diana Yacchirema, Jose Aparici and Vicente Collado: AmI open source system for the intelligent control of residences for the elderly
  • Mihai Buf, Barbara Guerra and Marco Manso: Smart Devices for Automated Emergency Calls

12 :30-14:00 : Lunch Break

14:00-16:00: Session 2: IoT Systems Interoperability

  • Koray Incki and Ismail Ari: Observing Interoperability of IoT Systems Through Model-Based Testing
  • Cathryn Peoples: A Standardizable Network Architecture Supporting Interoperability in the Smart City Internet of Things
  • Andriy Mazayev, Jaime A. Martins, and Noelia Correia: Semantically Enriched Hypermedia APIs for Next Generation IoT
  • Maria Ganzha, Marcin Paprzycki, Wieslaw Pawlowski, Pawel Szmeja, Katarzyna Wasielewska, Bartlomiej Solarz-Niesluchowski1, and Jara Suárez de Puga García: Towards high throughput semantic translation

16:00-16:30: Coffee Break

16:30-18:00: Session 3: Application-oriented IoT Frameworks and Methods

  • Franco Cicirelli, Giancarlo Fortino, Antonio Guerrieri, Giandomenico Spezzano, and Andrea Vinci: A Scalable Agent-based Smart Environment for Edge-based Urban IoT Systems
  • Cristanel Razafimandimby, Valeria Loscrì, Anna Maria Vegni, Driss Aourir, and Alessandro Neri: A Bayesian approach for an efficient data reduction in IoT
  • Oscar Alvear, Jorge Herrera-Tapia, Carlos T. Calafate, Enrique Hernhandez-Orallo, Juan-Carlos Cano, and Pietro Manzoni: Assessing the Impact of Mobility on LoRa Communications

18:00: Conference Closing.